Enchanted Construction Service

Enchanted Construction began as a custom home building company in the Pacific Northwest. The South Carolina division opened in 2005 and was bought by the current owner, Ryan Kaiser, in 2006. Since then, Enchanted Construction has grown to be one of the most prominent builders in the Upstate.

The Enchanted Advantage
ECS is locally owned, working with local suppliers and sub-contractors. Their homes are built from quality materials and constructed with attention to detail in each step. A variety of options are standard in Enchanted-built homes that other builders consider to be costly upgrades. ECS homes’ convenient layouts and unique architecture create a distinguished product, while providing functional square footage. Previous clients often choose Enchanted Construction for their next project. Committed to excellent customer service, Enchanted Construction is confident that you will be highly satisfied when you choose the Enchanted Advantage for your next home.

Visit’s Enchanted’s Website

Visit Enchanted's Website